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Ancestry DNA Illustrative Visual System
I worked collaboratively with Ancestry DNA team to develop a comprehensive visual and coherent visual language for Ancestry’s DNA product.

A challenging effort that encompassed a 3 tiered process.

This effort was realized through an phased agile approach that journeyed through multiple and iterative rounds of empathy, comprehensive research, rough sketching, illustrative style exploration, photography exploration, and user interviews to define the appropriate illustrative approach. For each trait comprehensive research was completed. From qualitative to visual to conceptual research. The research was compiled in order to be sure that the visual output and explorations where coherent. The completed visual style was simple and conceptual in which the illustration where superimposed over selected photography. In collaboration with Ancestry DNA.


Research, Art Direction, Concept and Style Ideation, Illustration, Graphic Design


Application: designed by Ancestry DNA.

Application: designed by Ancestry DNA.


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