November 2017

The Illustration League History
The Illustration League was founded under the principles of providing a place for professional illustrators to rely on each other for guidance through technique, negotiation, and ethics. It’s founders (Lucy Engelman & Michael Nÿkamp met for coffee in the fall of 2014 because they had been lacking professional relationships with peers who had reached the level of success and had the client lists they had. During this meeting, they decided this was a fundamental need for all professional illustrators and so the group was formed.

Their has always been an ongoing dialogue about the abstract nature of what the label of “Illustrator” in a professional capacity really means. TIL recognizes this title as a creator who fabricates unique images that are used as visual aids for a living. Te medium and application of these images is as wide spread as the scope of this organization’s members.

The difference between this group and other established illustration groups is that like design organizations, TIL recognizes that it’s members are more than fine artists. They are chameleons applying their craft much like designers do, in print, web, advertising, branding, product design, and many other avenues outside the gallery. TIL celebrates illustration as a professional commercial occupation rather than just the work of practicing gallery artists, but does not discriminate one way or the other. We hope TIL will serve as a resource for professionals and provide the opportunity to connect with a community of peers in what can be a very
solitary practice.


TIL has since grown to seven members:
• Michael Nÿkamp,
Lucy Engelman,
Jason Rood,
Kimberly Crawford Wolting
• Kevin White 
Libby VanderPloeg

If you are a illustrator, letterer, student, dabbler, educational institution, community organization, professor or designer in the community and want to know more, sign up on: theillustrationleague.com

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Postcard illustration and design by: Libby VanderPloeg.