October 2019

Union Media Identity Mark Exploration
Though the new identity has not launched for Union Media. I am able to show the explorations – the good, the bad and the ugly. These are the marks that didn’t make the cut, but ultimately lead to the final mark (coming out in 2020).

At the forefront of this project a clear direction was established through a phased process – discovery, research, interviews, development of brand messaging, brand architecture, (re)naming, and journey mapping. Ending with the creation of a wordmark, logomark and brand guidelines.


“Michael (owner of mkn design) was a patient and professional guide through our brand discovery journey. We learned a lot about who we are as a company and the end result while surprising was totally what we were looking for. None of this would have happened without him and for that we are very grateful.”

Ryan Montgomery – COO and Partner at ClickFunnels