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February 2019

I Give You My Heart
Obligatory Valentines Illustration – happy Valentines Day!


February 2019

Running Milkman
During the power outage from the West Michigan ice storm I had some downtime to illustrate this milkman with an oversized milk bottle.



February 2019

Liberty’s Fleeting Flame
The flickering embers of Liberty’s s flame being doused by politics and politicians. Stars (embers) + Stripes (doused flames) = American flag


January 2010

The Hare
Illustration exploration this morning of a running hare.


January 2019



January 2019

Sleeping Cat
My goal for this illustration was to create a sleeping cat from the shape of a circle, in my minimalist style. Through my ideation stage I drew 28 different variations of this cat – from sketching to vector illustrations. After my executions, I decided to challenged myself and take my top two illustrations (left) and develop a simple gif animation with minimal frames.

Is this cat yawning or meowing… maybe both?



January 2019

Exquisite Defenders
Quick study of Neapolitan guards from the 1800’s.



January 2019

Patagonia, Eat Local
I created a series of illustrations for Patagonia and this illustration made through. You can purchase this tee on Patagonia’s website.

USA residents, purchase here: Patagonia, Eat Local Tee
CAN residents, purchase here: Patagonia, Eat Local Tee


The above photo of model and tee is property of Patagonia.


January 2019

Happy 2019!
Happy New Year! Going into 2019 like... WOOHOO. This greeting is brought to you by the numbers 2, 0, 1, and 9.