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CanUX 2015 Speakers — Iconified

I was requested again to create iconified faces for the 2015 CanUX speaker line up, based on last years
success of the conferance speakers icons (The Face Behind The Faces). Additionally, I have evolved their
illustrative style from last year — they are airier, more defined and still keeping with the simplistic illustrative
feel I had previously defined.

Herman Miller: Icons

Twenty one icons created for Herman Miller Performance Environments.

Shure: Microflex Wireless Solutions

Created supporting illustrations that helped clearly tell the story of the Shure, Microflex Wireless Solutions System
In collaboration with Davia + Co.

Herman Miller: Info Graphics

Assisted the research team at Herman Miller with insights and exploration on visually displaying data
clearly — making the data meaningful and understandable.

Dutch Mafia Project: Self Promotion

October 2013 - Dutch Mafia selected by a jury to appear in Typography Annual 4. Will show up in the January/
February issue of Communication Arts. Also, featured on Typography Served and AIGA Member Gallery.

The Dutch Mafia font and icon set was born from my experiences growing up in a Dutch immigrant family in a
predominately Dutch community in Ontario, Canada. The letterforms and symbols recall the unique traditions
and images of my childhood, including delft pottery, Sinterklaas, oliebollen, wooden shoes, and mini windmills
sitting out on front lawns as garden ornaments.

The Dutch Mafia font and icon set was a self-initiated project. I wanted the style to be simple, ornamental in
nature, and amusing--the sarcasm with which it illustrates Dutch culture is completely intentional. At its heart,
I hope the font and icon set conveys my enjoyment of, and fondness for, Dutch cultural traditions and objects.
You can see more about this project at mkn-design.com

In collaboration with Kurt Devlaeminck

Premier: Skateboard Totem

Created these fun skateboard characters for Premier in raising money for Clemente Skatepark.

You can see a full version on my blog (you might need to scroll down a bit).

Amway: Atmosphere Illustration & Animation

Art direction of 3D modeling, illustration and animation airflow.

Nurcraft: Truck illustrations

Truck illustrations created for Nucraft's brand standards guide. In collaboration with Designvox.

Gutter Guardian: Gutter Guard Illustration

Helped Gutter Guardian with illustrating messaging of how their product helps reduce outdoor debris by using
their gutter system. In collaboration with Designvox.

Steelcase: Privacy Walls Illustrations

Illustrations created for Privacy Walls brochure to display the versatility of product. In collaboration with

Steelcase: Storage Brochure Illustrations

Illustration concept created to comically show people's relationship with their storage unit at work. In collaboration
with Designvox.

Steelcase: Product Launch Illustrations

Capturing the essence of the products through quick and simple free hand drawings. In collaboration with

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