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Spot Illustrations
Ideation and creation of various illustrative concepts for clients and personal projects.

The use of simple color fills, bold line and limited color makes these illustrations iconic in personality–some are playful, some technical, and some conceptual while others are based on current events. Below are some examples illustrated for clients, personal use.


Concept Ideation, Illustration

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1. Unity  2. Fresh Design  3. See With Your Heart  4. Fat Two  5. Sapphire  6. Head, Heart, Guts  7.  Pentax K1000  8. Gossip Magazine  9. Twitter Innards  10. Power  11. Copy Write  12. Thirty-seven  13. Poseidon  14. Owl Wise  15. Finger  16. Good To The Bone  17. A BigBoy Parody  18, 19. Mid Century Numbers: Thirty and Fifty  20. Uvula Strobe  21. Coffee Cup Components  22. Unify  23. Fox And The Hare  24. Two-Twelve   25. Dutch Bicycle  26. Circa  27. Savior  28. Joy Monogram  29. Privacy  30. Block Head  31. Victorian  32. Merchandise Mart.


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