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December 2015

Mid Century Modern Numbers
Playing with numbers within numbers on 5o and 30.


November 2015

Putting Your Brand To Use
Lucy Engleman and I spoke at the Kendall College of Art and Design Career Symposium on "Building your Brand",  held at Fountain Street Church. This talk focused on the importance of building a brand or ego, either as an independent freelancer or in search for employment. Key messages were: looking at the current market landscape, professional practices on how to present yourself through social media applications and website, how to express your personality and identity, how to professionally curate yourself via social media and website and networking and joining like minded organizations.

Illustrations by Lucy Engleman.


November 2015

Woosah & The Illustration League Workshop
A small group of ambitious individuals attended our lino-cut print workshop yesterday at Woosah Outfitters – lots of good discussion and great prints. Thank you to Woosah's, Erica Lang for helping put this event on with TIL and her time with educating us on lino cutting and printing. A special thanks to Spectacle Design Studio for coming and taking photos of the event. Also, thanks to Central Michigan Paper for providing us with paper.

November 2015

House Industries Warehouse Studio
Great Creative Mornings event this morning with David Dodde on work ethic. Love the Home Sweet Home silkscreen doormat he created for his studio.


August 2015

King Coal

My son found this piece of coal on the beach. A concept came to mind on our dependence on fossil fuel. Hopefully soon we'll be greener nation.


August 2015


Fun exercise on lettering this morning.



June 2015

Unify Marks
Created these after hearing the constant barrage from media outlets on talk about tensions between minorities and police, republican vs. democrat this past year.

Unify: (verb) Make or become united, uniform, or whole



June 2015


A concept mark created for a marine propeller manufacturer that never made the cut.



April 2015

Good To The Bone

Asked by AIGA WM to created a graphic for Design For Good participants. This 3 day event focuses on helping non-profits thoughtfully create design assets to support their business and mission.


April 2015

Portfolio Reviews
I had an opportunity this morning to review some graduating design students portfolios from Ferris State University at the Downtown Market.


February 2015

Found at WMCAT
While on a tour at WMCAT with @hellomynameisadam, I found these wonderful concepts posted on the wall in the photography studio.


January 2015

Just received a signed copy of Intricacies with a personalized illustration! This is a book of collaborative drawings inspired by nature by artists Christina Mrozik and Zoe Keller.


January 2015

My thoughts put on paper on the topic of privacy.