September 2018

Covenant Logo Explorations

In the last few weeks I have been working alongside Covenant to rebrand their organization. Covenant offers community table top gaming, subscriptions and educational content to their customers and digital environments – striving to make tabletop a more accessible and engaging medium for human connection.

The above are beginning explorations based on the letter C.


September 2018

Future State Identity

I worked collaboratively with Kevin White to produce this identity for the City of Grand Rapids. It’s a simple mark that implies forward momentum. The projects initiative is to bridge the gap between employers and employees in the AI economy.


August 2018

Wolverine Stickers

Simplified wolverine stickers for your car window, bumper, skateboard, water-bottle, computer, binder and whatever else you can think of.

Photograph of Land Rover, Defender by Jonathan Gallegos.



4" inch wide stickers available in blue and yellow for $3.75 plus shipping and handling. Interested? E-mail and provide your address for shipping.

August 2018

RAM Mark

Clean lines and rounded corners used to illustrate this exploratory mark.


August 2018

Process Infographic Sketches
These sketches were commissioned for a large health company to define an illustrative style through a 9 step process. The sketches and process spoke to their stringent acceptance procedures – from plant selection to consumable vitamin products.

1st sketch: focus on the process via hands and industry instruments.
2nd sketch: focus on scientists in authentic settings implementing plant selection.


July 2018

Diamonds Are A Man’s Best Friend
Simplified word mark exploration with hand styled lettering.


July 2018

Canada 151 Anniversary Mark Animation
Happy 151st Birthday to my homeland of Canada! This mark was made for the 15oth anniversary of Canada last year. I updated it with this simple animation.

The design of this mark still honors the Canadian maple leaf motif. I took this motif; deconstructed, simplified and created a 'bursting' maple leaf, similar to fireworks exploding. Overall the visual metaphor expresses: celebration, emotion, and feels dynamic, just as the country of Canada and it's people.June 2018


June 2018

We Are Better Than This!
National policies affect our national symbols. What once signified freedom to the world, now represents imprisonment for the vulnerable. #FamiliesBelongTogether

To help, either call (202) 224-3121 and demand the administration stop the separation policy or donate to: RAICES Family Reunification and Bond Fund: FREE our Families

"We should all be able to agree that in the United States of America we will not intentionally separate children from their parents. We will not do that, we are better then that!” – Rep Elijah Cummings

Please Note: Second image is a photo mockup to show poster usage. Photography by Alexa Mazzarello.


Please feel free to share this image on your social media pages. Download, share and attribute to Michael Nÿkamp of #mkndesign.

However, this image is not to be printed in large quantities of books, magazines or newspapers. If any organization would like to use for mass publication or circulation usage, please contract me prior to use.

Want to print this as poster? Download, 3 sizes available: 8.5 x 11,  11 x 17,  18 x 24.

June 2018

Simplified illustration of University of Michigan's mascot.

Show off your wolverine state pride with style! This original illustration features the ferocity of the official state animal of Michigan, known in latin as Gulo gulo. The wolverine is considered a solitary species, but they can be seen in large numbers on autumn Saturdays in Ann Arbor — and across the country!

Copy written by: Travis LaFleur‏


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You can purchase this tee on Cotton Bureau dot com.


June 2018

Afros and hoop earrings.

June 2018

America Landing
Exploration on perceptions of America


May 2018

Happy Memorial Day
On this day of remembrance we honor those American soldiers who have died for our freedom.



May 2018

Good Night Kiddo
Simplified mark exploration.


May 2018

To all moms, thank you and happy Mother’s Day. Especially mine.



May 2018

Architectural Styles Poster
My poster was found at MYD Studio. "Framed minimally and located on the perfect wall space, this Architectural Styles poster is the most recent addition to our storefront studio and serves as a lovely and apt source of graphic inspiration." – Lauren Moss, owner of MYD Studio

About MYD Studio

MYD Studio is an architecture firm in Southern California specializing in custom residential design, construction coordination and delivery, as well as green building practices for new homes, remodels and additions.

Photo by Lauren Moss


Purchase Print:
This 20" x 30" poster  is printed with archival inks on archival paper and can be purchased. If interested, please e-mail and provide your address for shipping and handling costs.

* These prints are signed by the illustrator. Framing, shipping and handling not included in the above price.

April 2018

Visual word exploration.

April 2018

Creating a visual connection between the word 'maze' and its form.


April 2018

S Corp
Transitioning 'S' with the addition of 'corp'.



April 2018

Grand Rapids
Study on letters for this word mark. I think I need to add a few more elements to it.


March 2018

Handmade type treatment to create this boxy word mark.